Head Office : 5993, Thorold Stone Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2J 1A4

Toronto Address: 18B-3200 Dufferin Street, Suite 206. Toronto, Ontario M6A 0A1

Windsor Address: 1690 Huron Church Road, Suite 265. Windsor, Ontario N9C 0A9

Tel: 905-356-5656

Fax: 905-356-5650

Toll Free:1-888-311-5656

Email : penny@otpenny.com

Website: www.otpenny.com

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Ages Serviced: 18 +

  • Assistive Devices Program Authorizer (ADP Authorizers for: walkers, manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and scooters).
  • Injury Site Rehabilitation.

  • Disability Tax Form Credit Completions.

  • Restraints Training (Long Term Care Homes)

  • Cognitive Assessment and Rehabilitation.

  • Mental Health Assessment and Rehabilitation.

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Assessment and Rehab.

  • Lifting and Handling Training.

  • Disability Equipment Acquisition and Training in Use.

  • Splints.

  • Driver Assessment & Rehab.

  • Independent Living Assessment.

  • Work Place Evaluations and Training (i.e. Job Site Assessments, Work Site Assessments, Ergonomic Assessments, Physical Demands Analysis, Work Hardening / Conditioning, Return to Work Programs, Injury Prevention in the Work Place).

  • Physiotherapy.

  • Fall Prevention.

  • Pain Management.

  • Energy Conservation.

  • Stress Management.

  • Hospital Discharge Planning.

  • Home Safety Assessments.

  • Body Mechanics.

  • Home Modifications / Renovations for Accessibility.

  • Parking Permit Application Completions.

  • Veterans Affairs of Canada Assessments.

Services may take place within the home or, facility settings (i.e. hospital, nursing home, group home, long term care home) etc.

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